No holiday gridlock here! A month after it refused to budge from Pier 86, the U.S.S. Intrepid has successfully been freed from the mud and is on its way to Bayonne, NJ for repairs. Six tugboats with over 30,000 horsepower helped the 27,000 ton vessel down the Hudson River. The Intrepid Foundation's president Bill White yelled, "This old baby is moving!" and other crewmembers reportedly cried. One man who served on the Intrepid during WWII told the AP, "It's like it used to be, only better. There's no bloodshed."

But there was a lot of sweat involved: The Navy and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers helped dig the the Intrepid out of the Hudson's silty mud in a multi-million effort. The mud that was removed has been taken to Staten Island for "environmental processing."

The Intrepid will be in Bayonne for at least a year and half for repairs. The city will be repairing Pier 86 in the meantime.

Photograph of the U.S.S. Intrepid making it's way down the Hudson to Bayonne, NJ (it's past the West Side railyards!) by Mark Lennihan/AP