The New York City Marathon on Fourth Avenue in Brooklyn; Photo - NYRRCThe New York Road Runners Club is contemplating taking on ING as a sponsor of the New York City Marathon. Part of the motivation may be J.P. Morgan Chase's withdrawal as a major sponsor; another may be to increase the purse and attract more talent. Gothamist always thought that New York was in the top marathons in the world: Boston more prestigious as its runner have to qualify, but New York City is New York City - no contest. But the ING New York City Marathon? We guess that's how literati felt when the Booker Prize turned into the Man Booker Prize.

The Times article closes with a sports marketing consultant saying, "In the case of the marathon, the operational costs and the cost of insurance has probably increased tenfold in the last few years. Add in 9/11 and those costs in combination with a media-rights market that is deflating...It is now accepted in the world of sports business that sponsorships are a necessity."