Every year, Gothamist looks forward to the Independent Budget Office's ideas on how the city can save and make money. The IBO is a nonpartisan, publicly agency, and the report shows both the pros and cons of certain suggested measures. Here are some of the suggestions:

State Reimbursement for Inmates in City Jails Awaiting Trial Over One Year
Establish a Progressive Commuter Tax
Health Insurance Copayment by City Employees
Increase the Auto Use Tax
'On the Spot' Misdemeanor Penalties

Many of these ideas have been suggested in previous years (like charging a fare on the Staten Island ferry and the latte tax of 2004), but Gothamist really enjoys them because they are, as the IBO intends, thought-starters. The NY Times notes that while the ideas can be zany, NJ actually used the IBO's 2004 suggestion of a cosmetic surgery tax. And this year's new ideas are:

Privatize the Remaining Tax-Foreclosed, City-Owned Housing
Replace Late-Night Service on the Staten Island Ferry with Buses
Renew 2003-2005 Personal Income Tax Increases, Without Recapture Provisions
Shift 10 Percent of the Children in Congregate Care to Family-Based Home Care
Eliminate the Manhattan Resident Parking Tax Abatement
Sell the Remaining City-Owned Housing Stock at Market Rates

The IBO's director says the ideas are "rarely popular" - and we have to agree, people don't like the words tax, increase, and eliminate when it comes to their city services.