There was a brief moment last week when it appeared that Mayor Bill de Blasio, an alleged lifelong Red Sox fan, would discard his principles and pander to some of his constituents by rooting for the Yankees. This, of course, was shameful—just as a dog should not walk on his hind legs, it is against the rules of nature for a Red Sox fan to root for the Yankees. Thankfully, unlike affordable housing there are some things de Blasio won't compromise on, and he has assured his constituents he will not cheer for the Bronx Bombers.

The Daily News reports that de Blasio told its editorial board that while he respects the Yankees' stellar season, it's "constitutionally impossible" for him to root for them. "I am a crazed, rabid baseball fan and Red Sox fan," he said. "It is constitutionally impossible to quote unquote root for the New York Yankees."

De Blasio, who has not been to a game at Yankee Stadium since assuming office, also noted he would skip out on games should the team make it to the World Series, but he won't begrudge them their potential win. "They'll get the key (to the city), they'll get the parade, they'll get the confetti. I will bow before them," he said, presumably through gritted teeth.

It's important to remain true to your team, especially if your team despises the New York Yankees, whose fans were so brutal to me, a Mets fan, during the 2000 Subway Series that I put a curse upon the majority of my sixth grade class. The Mets will one day have their revenge, though they'll probably squander it somewhere in the 8th inning.

The Yankees will face the Houston Astros at 5 p.m. this evening in Game 4 of the American League Champion Series. They're currently trailing the Astros 2 games to 1, and have a chance to tie the series tonight, with or without de Blasio.