Hipster Grifter Kari Ferrell has been hanging out a safe distance from Brooklyn, in the unofficial sixth borough of Philly. The Observer's Doree Shafrir, who introduced the world to the grifster, was in the Philadelphia courtroom that Ferrell appeared at this morning. Reportedly Ferrell gave an address in Brooklyn as her current one (you know, aside from her really current one at Riverside Correction Facility in Northeast Philadelphia). She also told the court during her hearing that she had a bachelor’s degree in music from the University of Utah, something that university was surprised to hear, as they'd never heard of a Kari Ferrell before and had no records of her ever attending. After a few more questions and answers, the hearing was over, and now Utah has 30 days to pick up their problem child. If they don't come and get her, "she has the right to habeas corpus, meaning that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania could decide it no longer wishes to keep her, and let her go." And if that happens, a few gullible Brooklynites are about to get grifted (albeit after some mouth handjobs).