It's been two months, so let's recap. Kari Ferrell, aka the Hipster Grifter, charmed the pants off half of Brooklyn with the promise of mouth handjobs over the last year. No crime there. But it turned out she was a liar and a thief, and like, wanted in Utah for passing $60,000 in check fraud. Speaking of, the Salt Lake Tribune has even adopted the Hipster Grifter nickname, as they report that Ferrell was charged again yesteday in 3rd District Court on numerous felony counts. "Ferrell allegedly opened a Comcast cable account in 2007 using her ex-boyfriend's name and Social Security number without his permission, charging documents state. She allegedly also wrote three checks to three different people on bank accounts that were closed or had a zero balance. She faces one count of identity fraud and three counts of issuing bad checks, all are third-degree felonies." And hey, Gawker points out commenters in her hometown feel about the same as they do here.