2005_1_health_treadmillguy.gifGothamist finds it hard enough to go to the gym when we have to share a treadmill next to someone yapping away on their cell phone about how much they drank the night before. But now it’s becoming truly unbearable as we find more and more people inexplicably chugging a Starbucks coffee while sweating away. Now don't get us wrong. We have, on occasion, found ourselves looking for a quick caffeine fix before hitting the weights. But a new study may prove that coffee may limit blood flow to your heart when exercising and shorten your workout. Apparently coffee can blunt your body's attempt to dilate your coronaries to ensure your heart gets what it needs while you go for the gold. This effect isn't as pronounced when you're at rest at your desk or at a cafe. So please: when at the gym, put down the espresso (and phone) and drink some water. But do keep exercising - other studies show that working out can prevent Alzheimer's disease - something we can all drink to.