An upstate NY family has been accused of perpetrating a three-state shoplifting spree, stealing $35,000 worth of toys from 91 stores in NY, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Theresa Lynn Warner and her fiance, Christopher Frances Dimaio, are charged with theft, receiving stolen property and conspiracy. Warner's 17-year-old son has also been arrested. Police say the family even kept a master list of all the places they had shoplifted—and just like Santa Claus checking his list twice, the family would put down two checkmarks next to the stores they hit twice. But it'll take a jury to decide whether they were naughty or nice.

The trio, who hail from Little Falls, NY, allegedly spent more than a week shoplifting from Walmart, Kmart and Toys R Us stores across the three states. They kept a nine page master list of all the stores and addresses they wanted to hit, as well as all the toys they had pilfered. They were caught on November 16 when Ross Township police say they found a rented van filled with stolen merchandise—the back of the rental van was crammed to the roof, with cardboard lashed to the inside to hold the items in place. Toys were even stuffed in the van’s door panels. An X-Men poster taped to the back window hid the stacks and plastic bins full of toys from view.

Police believe the family were planning on bringing the toys to flea markets to resell them. Ross Township Sgt. Benjamin Dripps said authorities were appreciative that the family kept such meticulous records: “The occasions to have documented evidence presented to us by the actors are few and far between, but we certainly are appreciative of it,” he said. Police expect the stores to take back much of the merchandise, but hope to donate anything that's left over to charity. “I would love to put a positive spin on this and have many items go to worthy causes,” Dripps said.