Subway delays have become an unfortunately normal, unceasingly dumb part of New Yorkers' routines, to the point that we've all become pretty numb to having to plan around frequent delays in service. But every once in awhile, there is such chaos and confusion across the system, you have to step back and admire the sheer audacity of this incoherence. And so it went for many commuters this morning.

Evacuations! Sweat lodges on platforms! Confusing announcements! Stalled trains! Underwater trains! Magic tricks where C trains turn into F trains then turn into D trains! Wig brawls! Wait...wig brawls?

According to the MTA, there were delays know what? I don't even quite understand this one. There were signal problems on the A/C/E lines, but also on the D lines, and also the F and B lines were affected? Those are all letters in the alphabet, that I know for sure, so maybe we should all cling to what we know and just ride this one out. I mean, not that these trains are exactly "rideable" right now, but you catch my drift.

At least this is helping other industries, like ride-sharing apps and therapists:

We'll give the last word on this morning's commute to MSNBC host Chris Hayes: