2006_01_cablecar.jpgThe Post reports that officials are considering building an "aerial gondola tramway" to connect Manhattan to Governor's Island. There's a huge effort underway to make Governor's Island a big tourist destination, and while nothing is set in stone for flying cable cars, the interim president of the Governors Island Preservation and Education Corp., Paul Kelly, says, "IIt could be an attraction onto itself because of the tremendous views" and that it would be cheaper than building a bridge. Sure, but what about a tunnel? Like an exit off the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. Of course, Gothamist realizes building anything underground would be costly and a huge time suck - stringing up some cables and getting some gondola pods that hold a couple people is probably easier. Just make sure there are some life safety vests and flotation devices.

The proposed gondolars would "likely run from the Battery Marine Terminal in lower Manhattan to Governors Island's north end and then to a point near Pier 6 off Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn." There is also talk of ferry service to Ellis and Liberty Islands. Here's the Governor's Island.