The bars in Brooklyn have been leaning towards siding with the stroller-less set for years—one by one, it's been like watching dominoes fall in super slow motion. In January 2008, Union Hall put up a "No Strollers Please" sign on their door, only to be met by outraged Park Slope parents. The stroller war has raged on in bars in the borough since (for a while there it even looked like Fornino may join in), and just this February Double Windsor instituted a stroller ban during certain hours. And now The Gate has fallen...

A Brooklynian poster saw this sign over the weekend (but we hear it's been up since Memorial Day). It boldly declares:


Sorry Friends, owing to severe stroller and chair overcrowding as of late, we are now enforcing a NO STROLLER policy on WEEKENDS & HOLIDAYS at The Gate

Will their Yelp rating gain or lose some stars after this move? In the past, one poster noted: "I do actually have a beef with the Gate, but it's not their fault. It's the people that bring their strollers and brood along with them while they booze it up. I wish parents would stop ruining everybody else's fun by toting their babies everywhere. It's a bar, people. No one wants to hear baby-talk and smell diapers while they're having a drink with someone they're trying to hook up with. Pay for a baby-sitter, you selfish Bjorn-jockeys!" [via Erica at FIPS, who endorses the new stroller ban, but notes that she can still bring her dog to The Gate]