2006_11_thegame.jpgMost anyone has wished their cab drivers to go a little faster, but how many actually tell the drivers they are undercover police officers just so they go speed through red lights? Rapper The Game (real name: Jayceon Taylor) was arrested for impersonating a police officer on Thursday night after trying to pull such a stunt.

A livery cab driver says The Game and some friends flagged him around 11:30PM at 56th Street and 7th Avenue. But after the car was pulled over by actual police at 6th Avenue and 43rd Street for running lights, The Game still tried to pass himself off as a police officer. The cops ran a background check and then arrested him, issuing him a desk appearance ticket. The driver wasn't issued any citations, but the head of the NY State Federation of Taxi Drivers says that "Only yellow medallion cabs are legally allowed to pick up street hails [below 96th St.]."

When WNBC 4 reported the incident last night, it was suggested that this could have been a publicity stunt for The Game's new album. Perhaps, but it just seems stupid. And back in 2004, DMX claimed he was a federal agent when trying to carjack a car at JFK Airport.