Gothamist knows that Virigin Airlines is supposed to be risque and everything, but the new lipsticked-mouth urinal at the Virgin Airways Clubhouse at JFK is really gross. While golden showers may be a part of people's sexual repertoire, Gothamist sees no need for them to be encouraged. However, if this is a way for men to act out the fantasy, well, pee on. But it's just gross. The Post reports Virgin Airways as saying, "We expect the response to the urinal to be very positive. With everything we do, we want there to be a smile, and that's also the case in the clubhouse. The urinal is just for fun. But it's not the centerpiece of the clubhouse." But the spokesman admits, "There will be some people that won't like it."

Netherlands design company Bathroom Mania created the "Kisses" urinal. Made of vitreous china, "it's the one target men never miss." Blech. Gothamist could start a diatribe about misogyny, but considering that the parties involved are stupid, we won't. Although if any feminist scholars would like to step up, please do (we're thinking there are two sides, domination as well as vagina dentata). The only good thing about this is that it reminds Gothamist of the brilliant Dave Chappelle spoof of R. Kelly's Ignition, "Pee on You" (see the clip here).

Just to let readers know that we're not trying to be party-poopers (ha!), Gothamist thinks a better option would be for the urinal to look like a grave, with a keypad to allow the user to type in the name of someone they hated. That way the user can piss on the grave of someone they hate. Cruel, but more fun, we think. Okay, fine, we're just creeped out.

Bathroom Mania's Sunflower toilet is much more acceptable.