The clouds may be gloomy but kinky weather pr0n fans should take cheer, there's a twisted meteorological three-way going on outside. An upper-level trough on top, a surface high pressure system on the bottom, and the remnants of Ida trying to wedge itself between the two will determine the weather for the rest of the week. The trough is providing the energy to make the atmosphere unstable, Ida's leftovers are providing the moisture and the high pressure will mostly prevent anything from happening.

The radar shows lots of rain in the region but that's really misleading. The air near the surface is so dry that any rain is evaporating long before it hits the ground. We'll see cloudy skies for the rest of the day with a high around 55. More of the same is in store for Thursday and Friday as the high pressure system holds off the frisky low's advances. We may see a shower or two and considerable wind from this evening through Saturday.

It doesn't look like the sun will grace the skies until Sunday at the earliest. Monday is probably the safer bet. It does look like Sunday will be unseasonably warm with a high in the lower 60s.