cumulus humilis postage stampIt is being reported that the death toll in Haiti from Tropical Storm Jeanne is above 600 people. Jeanne is up to hurricane strength, but doesn't pose any immediate danger to land. She is going to be tossed around by the gigantic high pressure system over us today and the high pressure system that is approaching from our west. Hurricane Karl is up to category 4 strength but is moving rapidly northward in the middle of the Atlantic. Tropical Storm Lisa is slowly making her way across the Atlantic and probably won't amount to much. Stay tuned to the Weather Underground's tropical weather page for updates.

The announcer on WNYC this morning said today's weather forecast looked nice. Gothamist would like to add that the weather for today also looks nice. Sunny with a high around 80 according to the Weather Service. AccuWeather has us a bit cooler, predicting a high of 78. Tomorrow will be a slightly warmer repeat of today. Thursday through Saturday should be repeats of today. All in all an excellent start to Fall.