The Fire Department unveiled its memorial to the firefighters who "fell" and "who carry on" yesterday afternoon. The 56-foot long bas-relief is on the side of Engine Company 10 and Ladder Company 10 at 124 LIberty Street. The NY Times described it as a "full panorama, centered on the flaming towers, with heroic and humbled firefighters on either side." Almost immediately after the unveiling, family members were rubbing paper against the memorial's names. Fire Chief Peter Hayden made this pointed remark about the memorial: "We've had empty promises from empty suits, but the Fire Department has fulfilled its promise."

The Times also has an interactive feature of the memorial. Plus the article explains how the memorial was made and where the money for the memorial came from (there was some money left over in the "ice fund" - money for making cold compresses for volunteer workers - and the firefighters asked for a memorial). The fund was created by Holland and Knight Charitable Foundation's Brian Starer and the memorial was made by Rambusch Studios

Photograph by Hiroko Masuike/AP