In case you had any doubt about the importance of swing states in this, the last full day of campaigning in the 2004 election, Gothamist refers you each candidate's schedule for today. (Via The Note.)

President Bush:
7:30 am Wilmington, OH
9:30 am Burgettstown, PA
12:30 pm with the Oak Ridge Boys and Brooks & Dunn at the U.S. Cellular Arena, Milwaukee, WI
3:05 pm Des Moines, IA
5:20 pm Sioux City, IA
8:45 pm Albuquerque, NM
11:35 pm Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX

Bush heads to Crawford, TX in the morning to cast his ballot and then flies back to Washington to watch the election returns at the White House. No news on whether or not America Coming Together volunteers knocked on the White House's front door in their GOTV efforts this weekend.

Senator Kerry:

10:10 am meets supporters upon departing Orlando
1:40 pm rally with Bon Jovi, Milwaukee, WI
6:05 pm rally at Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI
9:00 pm rally with Teresa Heinz Kerry and Bruce Springsteen at City Hall, Cleveland, OH
11:30 pm rally Toledo, OH

Kerry spends the night in La Crosse, WI. He'll cast his ballot in Boston tomorrow. Now that voting challengers have been barred from polling places in Ohio, Kerry might want to remember to bring an ID or an old cable bill, lest the partisan activists question his elegibility to vote in his home state.