2005_12_bullethole.jpgThe sad story about the bullet that killed Selina Akther, a wife and mother of two in Queens, gets twisted: It turns out that a neighbor, on leave from Fort Hood, Texas, had fired a gun for fun in the street. Yes, apparently for fun. Danny Carpio allegedly made incriminating statements to the police that placed him at the scene, saying he did a "stupid thing." Carpio was in town to celebrate his marriage with a belated reception; his family, though, claims he could not have been the one to fire shots. The police say Carprio had been drinking beer and vodka before the shooting and say he is trying to help him them find the gun.

Akther's husband, Golam Maola who works at midtown coffee and lunch carts, was heartbroken, discovering his wife's body after getting off a long distance phone call. Maola was in such a frenzy to find help, he locked himself out of his apartment, only to have the police break in. The NY Times reported that Akther's family and friends were planning a surprise birthday party for her tomorrow.

Photograph of window from the NY Times