No more false alarms: The Falls bar has been shuttered for good. Probable scene of at least part of the infamous Imette St. Guillen murder, the bar had been under-fire from the NYPD, State Liquor Authority, and various city agencies. The Daily News is reporting that the NYPD finally locked the gates yesterday, citing a lengthy investigation and nuisance abatement laws. The Post details some of the violations-- selling booze after hours and to minors, and more than 40 complaints from neighbors.

NY1 had pictures of the cops carrying out two of the cats that lived in the basement-- those were the same cats whose hair was found on tape at the crime scene (note to the ASPCA: please don't kill them-- they are witnesses!)

The Dorian family will appear on Wednesday in court to contest the closure-- so there is a small chance that The Falls could rise again. Stay tuned!