There is no joy in Mudville today: it is the last day that NY retailers can receive shipments of Four Loko, the frothy alco-caffeinated drink of kings blacked-out college hooligans. After today, retailers can still sell off their remaining stock, but there can be no more purchases from the Loko company, who have already promised to neuter the sweetly-sickening beverage by removing the caffeine in the future. Loko followers are upset, and have begun demanding answers from their deities: "Sometimes people need a drink and a little energy boost at the same time," Maria Perez, 24, told the News. Because who among us haven't wanted to get wasted while half-asleep? He that is without Loko among you, let him cast the first stone.

Mo Alfaki, who owns West Side Deli, attests to Four Loko's popularity, but fears the overwhelming power and influence that the malty drink has over its legion of true believers: "People are coming in, they are curious about the drink. I even bought a few different flavors, but I have not drank them. I'm afraid. I hear it makes people crazy." Even if you can't dig one up at your local bodega, all hope is not lost. You can still purchase the candy brew online on Craigslist, or experiment with your own DIY concoctions. The cocktail scientists at Slate have some tips for you: