2005_02_sirius.jpgActually the dog days have been with us for a month. Named for when the Dog Star, Sirius, is in conjunction with the Sun, the dog days last from July 3rd to August 11th. It was once believed by some that the extra heat from Sirius contributed to the warmest days of the year. That's not the case, the seasons are caused by the tilt of the Earth with respect to the Sun, and Sirius is way too far away to affect our weather.

Our weather is from a big high pressure system currently centered over Ohio. It will bring us 90 degree plus temperatures all week long. It is not exactly dry out right now but the humidity will build as the week progresses. There's a chance of thunderstorms later today as a sea breeze may kick in. A sea breeze is a local circulation caused when warm air over land is replaced by cool air over the ocean. If the sea breeze does happen it will be much cooler on the south facing beaches.

On top of it being hot and humid tomorrow, the National Weather Service has just now issued an Air Stagnation Advisory for the day. Sounds yucky! As the high pressure system moves over us the winds will die down. Air pollution will have no place to go and the air will become "Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups". The New York State Department of Health recommends that people consider limiting strenuous outdoor activity. The very young and people with pre-existing respitory problems such as asthma and heart disease are especially at risk. Take it easy tomorrow.