If you were looking for a reason to put off going to the DMV, today is your lucky day: We're told the computer system that enables employees to access driver information is down state-wide!

We received a tip this morning from a frustrated DMV-goer who said he'd been to the department four times in the past two days, only to find that the system has been continuously out of service, with employees claiming "to have no idea why."

A call to the central office in Manhattan revealed that yes, the department's central database has been down all day, and that anything "that has to be searched or looked up" can't be done.

Michael Nowlin, a supervisor at the call center, said that the impacted system is something called the Compass IIES, which, according to this handy Powerpoint presentation, appears to be the main search function that allows DMV employees to call up a driver's records, including their name, vehicle description, insurance information and registration activity, as well as "letters, suspensions and restorations." So...pretty much everything.

Don't worry though! The doors to the DMV are still open, if you crave harsh fluorescent lighting and molded plastic chairs in which to enjoy your mid-day nap. And for what it's worth, you almost certainly weren't going to pass your road test anyway.