A few major telelvision critics weigh in about the Democratic National Convention coverage so far: The Daily News' David Bianculli like old footage of Tom Brokaw on the convention floor in 1976 (the election is Brokaw's swan song, before he retires) but didn't like how CNN showed the empty seats at the Fleet Center; he also notes that Fox News covered the disappearance of pregnant Lori Hacking a lot. The Washington Post's Tom Shales thought the cable coverage was "feistier and most entertaining, if not more entertaining," (lots of stories about doughnuts, though Gothamist doesn't know how that's a bad thing) and while Peter Jennings called Senator Hillary Clinton a "rock star" after people's cheers, Bill Clinton was "plain magnificient."

For our money, we're enjoying the pictures of Ron Reagan, who interviewed Michael Moore, taking the future of America on a pub crawl, via MSNBC's Hardblogger. Gothamist is sure someone is live-blogging the convention. Also, since Gothamist thinks it's going to be a little slow in NY, news-wise, for the next month, as everyone gears up for the Republican National Convention, so expect more posts on animals!

Are you watching Demoractic National Convention coverage? (Here's a link to some of the news websites; this much we know: We want more fashion reports from Gawker intern Neel) What channels or shows are you watching?