Metrocards; Photo - Eric Chung

Yet another disappointing idea from the MTA: The MTA is considering taking away the fare discounts for its unlimited Metrocards as well as cards over $10 in value. Why? Its looming $840 million deficit. Citizens' transit advocacy groups argue that the customer loyalty formed after the MTA's push for the use of Metrocards, especially in bulk-ride, discounted form (about 6 million of the 7.1 million MTA riders use discounted Metrocards) will be compromised if discounts take effect. The agency is still weathering ill will after raising transit fares from $1.50 to $2 this past year; even though discounting fares does impact the MTA's bottom line, lost revenue from discounts is small relative to "soaring pensions and capital costs and dwindling government subsidies." While riders will complain, we don't have many other options beyond on the MTA to take us to work or play.