2006_07_fireworks2.jpgWe're getting ready to check out tonight's gorgerous July 4th fireworks, the city releases information that they seized 1,442 cases of illegal fireworks. The city had announced their summer crackdown on fireworks in early June, which included a new deterrant - the seizure of automobiles if one is caught with illegal fireworks. Over 50 cars were confiscated and over 120 people were arrested. And the people were really serious this year - there were even police chases into other counties to find vehicles carrying illegal fireworks!

Here's our post from yesterday noting where you can watch the fireworks. However, Treehugger tells us today that fireworks are actually just pretty pollutants, leaving all sorts of accelerants and heavy metals in teh air after the displays. And Asa Aarons looks at the difference between legal and illegal fireworks.