2005_03_stpatsparade.jpgThere were two big stories at yesterday's St. Patrick's Day parade. One, there was the firefighters' protest that they could not wear green berets during the parade. Many stood in silent protest at the Metropolitan Museum, though they did boo Mayor Bloomberg and Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta for changing the rules for parade dress this year. Governor Pataki did shake hands with some of the protesting firefighters, but Gothamist doubts that will be enough to keep him in office next year. The other big story was that Mayor Giuliani got more cheers than Mayor Bloomberg, his parade marching partner. Certainly, Mayor Giuliani has done a lot to endear himself to the FDNY, and Mayor Bloomberg did close down a number of firehouses, but still, that must burn. Oh, and Giuliani endorsed Bloomberg again.

Did you have a good St. Patrick's Day? During lunch yesterday, Gothamist headed to Midtown and we passed some youths decked out in green, who were definitely, and most flagrantly, smoking the chronic on 50th Street and 5th Avenue, so we assume that at least three people had a decent time.

Photo of St. Patrick's Day from Jeanie Forever on Flickr