2007_01_suesimmonsgh.jpgHoorah! WNBC has a clip of Sue Simmons's Groundhog Impression, 2007 edition from yesterday's newscast. How did the WNBC anchor start imitating woodland creatures?

Sue says her imitation of the groundhog face actually began before she came to New York, when she was a reporter in New Haven. On Groundhog Day one year, she ended a live shot with the groundhog face, and for weeks, people kept coming up to her asking for a repeat performace.

And everyone is pretty happy - global warming fears aside - about many groundhogs predicting an early spring. The Daily News has the cutest picture of Staten Island Chuck from yesterday's Groundhog Dog ceremony at the Staten Island Zoo.

As for last night's rain, surprising but necessary - it washed away all the crap on sidewalks.