Today is the first day of winter, which would be more of a bummer if it weren't going to be 70 degrees on Thursday. It's also the shortest day of the year, which means there's nowhere to go but up from here—soon 4 p.m. will stop feeling like 4 a.m. and you won't jab mascara in your eye when you get dressed in the dark. This is the best news you'll hear this year, which was very nearly as horrifying as 2014, except that we got a new Star Wars movie and Philip Seymour Hoffman didn't die again.

Other things to look forward to now that the darkness is diminishing and 2015 is nearly dead include:

  • A new season of Broad City.
  • Andrew Bird at the Kings Theatre
  • More debates with Bernie Sanders.
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Ghostbusters 3, which better not be as disappointing as Sisters.
  • The...expansion of the composting pilot program (recommendation courtesy of resident dirty hippie Lauren Evans).
  • Going to Brighton Beach on New Years Day and drinking vodka (and then vomiting up said vodka under the Q train)
  • The return of Sherlock.
  • More Preet being a badass.
  • The CBGB Restaurant at Newark, maybe? At least Newark will be more fun? Erm?
  • 2016 is going to be a BIG YEAR for Generation Z/The Founders/Teenagers, hide while you still can.
  • Exploding manholes.
  • The Olympics!
  • This dope Russian space hotel.
  • NYC's awesome $1 billion budget surplus (IKEA GIFT CARDS FOR EVERY NEW YORKER!)
  • This cute mess.
  • Douchebag gets convicted.
  • Slush puddles.
  • Staten Island getting its big moment in the sun.
  • And my apartment (probably) won't burn down in 2016, which is mostly good news for me but also means you won't have to read any more articles about it!

Enjoy the darkness today, for tomorrow (or at least in a few weeks) there will be light.