Are the children and ultra-conservative Israel lobbyists out of the room? Good, because we don't want to scare/offend anyone with this advertisement, which was put up in subways earlier this month. The campaign, paid for by a coalition of pro-Palestinian groups, calls for an
 Israel. This message, according to local Assemblyman Dov Hikind, is "very, very dangerous."

Hikind, who you'll recall was equally outraged when the MTA permitted anti-Islam adshates pedestrian islands, tells CBS 2, "This is a one-sided mean-spirited attempt to undermine the security and well being of the people of Israel. They say this is for peace. This is not for peace. This is for war." In case you're unclear on how exactly cutting military spending is mean and pro-war, CBS 2 turned to commuters for insightful analysis. "It says be on our side, so it’s like who’s side are we on?” wonders New Yorker Kayla Sanders.

The campaign, which has already run in six major U.S. cities, features ads in 18 subway stations through October 3rd. A mean-spirited spokesperson for one of the groups sponsoring the campaign dangerously explains, "Instead of funding Israel’s unlawful occupation, I would like to see the thirty billion dollars that our government has committed to the State of Israel over the next ten years be redirected to Americans right here at home to help with job creation, increased funding for education, affordable housing investment, environmental conservation, and upgrading our national transportation infrastructure."

Asked about the campaign, MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz said, "We have specific guidelines for advertising. It cannot promote anything illegal, be obscene or imply the MTA’s endorsement. This campaign adhered to the guidelines." Well, two can play at that game. Hikind tells CBS 2 he's working on a series of response ads "reminding the U.S. to remember its friends and keep supporting them." The likely slogan? Our Side Is Way Sexier.