Hoorah! For those of you who end up watching The Daily Show and The Colbert Report online or who send links of amusing clips (WYNGZ, anyone) to pals, you no longer need to submit to the Comedy Central video player, because the two political satire shows are back on Hulu as of last night!

According to the Media Memo, Hulu will be paying Viacom $40-50 million for the privilege of hosting various Viacom shows: "That money covers the new deal’s entire length, which hasn’t been disclosed — Viacom will only allow that the deal goes 'into' 2012. But it’s reasonable to assume it’s a two-year pact, just like Hulu’s programming deals with its parents/content owners — News Corp.’s Fox, Disney’s ABC, and Comcast’s NBCU... Stewart and Colbert’s shows will be available for free, the day after they air, on Hulu.com - just like they used to be. In addition, Viacom will also provide shows like 'Tosh.o' and 'The Jersey Shore', on a 21-day delay, to Hulu’s paid Hulu Plus service."

The good news: The past few weeks of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report on on Hulu, this Reince Priebus stuff is fun. We'll just leave you with this familiar but excellent Moment of Zen: