The Daily, News Corp's iPad-only news publication whose mission was to inform the world about America's oldest dog, is no more. Today Rupert Murdoch's kingdom announced The Daily's demise, two years after its high-profile launch. In a press release, the company announced that the “technology and other assets from The Daily, including some staff, will be folded into" the NY Post.

The Daily never turned a profit and struggled its entire brief life to attract enough advertising and readers, which proved difficult for several reasons, not the least of which had to do with its content being confined to the iPad. It's true that The Daily stories could also be found online, but you had to search for them, which in the end not enough people did.

Peter Kafka at All Things D sums it up nicely, noting that "the app was initially hampered by technical problems, but the Daily’s key issue was a conceptual one. While the app boasted lots of digital bells and whistles, in the end it was very much a general interest newspaper that seemed to be geared toward people who didn’t really like newspapers. You can’t make that work no matter what kind of platform it uses." For more on this, here's an excerpt from this morning's Gchat with Gothamist's tech-savvy Garth Johnston:

me: you dont want to do something on the Daily folding right? bc i am about to start it
Garth: nope. though it is interesting in the context of this story getting a huge amount of coverage. the rollout of "The Magazine" in the app store and the Awl launching its "subcompact" iOS weekend app
me: zzzzzz
Garth: you are sleeping through the future, man!
me: the future hurts my eyez
Garth: awww. it makes a really good argument though. good for a subway read
me: #bikenyc
Garth: get yourself an iphone and it can read it to you while you bike
me: Now you're just making shit up.

Garth, of course, is right, and someday we'll probably consume all our infotainment pellets through a tablet delivery system, just as Arthur C. Clarke predicted. In the meantime, the founding editor of The Daily, Jesse Angelo, will become publisher of The New York Post, and the tabloid's current publisher, Paul Carlucci, will now "focus exclusively" on News America Marketing. We wish all 120 staffers at The Daily the best of luck. It's rough out there.