The Manhattan DA's office has announced they will charge Catherine Woods' yoga-instructing boyfriend with her murder. Paul Cortez, who was a person of interest when the young woman with dreams of being a dancer but the reality of being a stripper to make ends meet was found dead in her Upper East Side apartment after Thanksgiving, will be charged later this week. The prosecutors said they found a bloody fingerprint at the crime scene that matched Cortez. Cortez had made several phone calls to Woods prior to the murder, but then none afterward.

And it turns out that Cortez would have been charged yesterday, BUT the transit strike "prevented grand jury members from getting to court," according to the Daily News. The DA's office was only able to charge him with sodomy (thanks for that detail, NY Post!), after a woman came forward saying he attacked her last year. And members of the Equinox gym where Cortez worked said he was "overly obsessive" with some women.