A New York City token

Farewell, tiny metallic NYC transportation friend: This week, 45 million subway tokens were melted down. The Post repoted that M&M Scrap Metals in NJ melted down about 342,000 pounds of tokens. M&M Scrap Metal bought the tokens for $500,000; their street value would have been $90 million. The copper and nickel tokens can be melted down in a "noncorrosive alloy" and may be in a car, airplane and computer you drive/ride/use soon. Tokens are still available for fun, not for rides, at the Transit Museum Store.

And the MTA's fare hikes have apparently caused a ridership decline. Gothamist is worried that the next step is for the MTA to demand the firstborn from monthly Metrocard holders. Gothamist on people hoarding tokens.