The heat and humidity are gone! A cold front pushed the humid air away last night, replacing it with a much drier air mass today and, even better, for the remainder of the week. The dew point temperature has dropped from the low 70s a couple of days ago to the much more comfortable low 50s this morning. With the big decrease in humidity and air sinking off a high pressure system centered over Wisconsin we should have nothing but blue skies today with a high in the mid 80s. Fun fact: Four years ago today we set a record high for the day with a high of 104 degrees!

The dry weather will continue as long as that high pressure system remains to our west. There is no indication that the high will be moving anytime soon so look for tomorrow and Friday to remain sunny with highs in the mid 80s. Saturday should also warm to the mid 80s but the high should be east of the city by then so the humidity will be on the rise.

The next chance of significant cloudiness, and perhaps afternoon showers, will be Sunday at the earliest but Monday is probably the better bet.