2005_11_26_lee.jpgThe Times has a curious article about the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of Lee Yoon-hyung, 26, the youngest daughter of the chairman of the Samsung Group and one of the richest women in South Korea. And what a sad story it is shaping up to be.

Initially fed the story by unnamed sources from the beleaguered company, the English and Korean press reported that Lee, an occasional racer like her father, had died in a car accident. But when reporters looked into the accident it became increasingly clear that no car accident involving the young woman had occurred. After that they quickly uncovered something like the the truth, namely that Lee appeared to have hung herself by an electrical cord in her Astor Place apartment.

While we understand why a family would have no interest in sharing with the world the fact that they had lost a family member to suicide, we can't imagine employing the family multinational corporation to try to cover it up (but then again, we don't have a family corporation). All of which leads us to suspect that a) there is still more to this story and b) this isn't the last we're going to hear about it. Stay tuned.