Mayor de Blasio's been hard at work trying to lure members of the Democratic Party to "hip" "cool" "artisanal" Brooklyn in 2016. And now, both Bill Clinton and eternal potential presidential candidate Hillary Clinton have joined Team Brooklyn DNC—and not just because they want to go back to Roberta's!

The Times reports that former members of The Clintons' (capitalized for Power Couple Emphasis) camp are behind the city's DNC pitch, with former finance director for Hillary's 2000 Senate campaign Gabrielle Fialkof and Clinton friend and donor Alan Patricof listed among the supporters. Though The Clintons haven't made an official statements about it, de Blasio's called a Brooklyn DNC a "perfect scenario" for Hillary, should she be the Democratic nominee. After all, when Bill Clinton was nominated as the Democratic candidate in 1992, the convention was held at Madison Square Garden. And supporters say that the 69-year-old Hillary will get a "youthful, forward-looking" boost by kicking off her campaign in Brooklyn, though perhaps she should refrain from making more corny Daily Show appearances.

Of course, there are a few other cities competing with New York, and Philadelphia is poised to snatch The Clintons out of our hands. "I don’t think Bill and Hillary Clinton could possibly be that politically naïve,” former Pennsylvania governor and Philadelphia mayor Edward G. Rendell told the Times. “New York is a solidly blue state that never votes Republican. Pennsylvania is a swing state whose margins are closer and closer. Where would you go?"

Oh no, will Philadelphia steal the honor of being besieged by politicians and amped up law enforcement? But we have Citi Bike! And brunch! And artisanal cocktails! Who will drink all the artisanal cocktails? WILL NO ONE THINK OF THE COCKTAILS?