Hey you have plans on Monday, May 1st? No, besides participating in a glorious socialist parade I mean. If you don't, maybe pencil in some time to ride on Mayor (or should that be Captain) de Blasio's beloved ferry service, which will debut on May 1st, a month earlier than expected.

The city's newest ferry boat, which was last seen getting stuck in the mud in Florida like some lazy gators sunning themselves in the natural splendor of the Everglades, managed to make it up here without any more incidents. Now, according to a press release from the city, the Rockaway route will debut and the existing East River Ferry route will get a spiffy new boat on the first day of May. And on June 1st, A Bay Ridge/Brooklyn Army Terminal/Red Hook/Brooklyn Bridge Park/Wall Street route will start. The city also announced the beginning of the service with a ludicrously twee video:

The Rockaway route will also stop at the Brooklyn Army Terminal before ultimately winding up at Pier 11 near Wall Street. The ferry will cost $2.75 to ride and get from Rockaway to Wall Street in about an hour, unless of course your ship is waylaid by vicious pirates in search of a treasure map held by a mysteriously pale yet ethereally beautiful woman who you never really noticed until that day.

Your fare, which can be recorded on a paper ticket or on your spacephone, will come with free transfers to any other ferry line, including the East River Ferry. Also, the boats will have wi-fi and alcohol, because who doesn't want to play "Sad drunk Tinder" on the way to work at 8:30 a.m.?