Newsday speaks with a woman who is crusading to get an overpass built over Queens Boulevard. Sharon Bush, whose daughter was killed crossing the street, which is nicknamed "Boulevard of Death," quit her job to rally overpass support full-time saying, "I have nothing but time now. I'm not going to let my daughter be collateral damage." According to Newsday, there have been 84 deaths since 1993 at the intersection, thoush none this year. The Department of Transportation says the "Quik Curb" plastic barriers, which keep cars in specified turning lanes (and there are 12 lanes total on Queens Boulevard), and traffic signals that give pedestrians more crossing time are helping. But Bush doesn't think it's enough, pointing out that an overpass was built quickly for the upcoming Republican Convention. Though the DOT notes that the convention paid for the $1 million bridge, Gothamist has to wonder what is stopping the city from building an overpass besides money. Process? Bureaucracy?

The City announced a plan for safety improvements in early April. Transportation Alternatives has been vocal in getting Queens Boulevard overhauled.