While it was announced that the strike was over yesterday, commuters didn't really get to enjoy the fruits of that until this morning's commute, with subways and buses back in limited service (service will go back to "normal" or at least" weekend/holiday normal" over the next few days). Transport Workers Union President Roger Toussaint thanked New Yorkers for our "patience" - ahem! - while Governor Pataki says there will be no amnesty with workers' fines, the city projects a loss of almost $1 billion over the strike, and most union workers relieved the strike is over. But yes, your unlimited Metrocards will be extended for three days. Best story headline so far: The Daily News calling Toussaint, Bloomberg, Pataki, and Kalikow the "Four Horseman and the Apocalypse."

The NY Times looks at the effect of the transit strike on Mayor Bloomberg and the negotiations that delivered a resolution, the Daily News editorial says there are no winners in this strike, and a firefighter biking to work was dragged by a bus for transit-strike stranded Bear Stearns employees.

Tell us about your morning commute in - how were the trains and buses running? Were people happy? Gothamist for one is relieved that the strike is over, but hope that people will realize how important mass transit it - and that walking, biking and car pooling can be viable options for some of us. And our confession: We still kept our Metrocard in our back pocket even through the strike.