It took a little while this year, but it's damn hot outside finally. And while you have the option to easily cool off by using one of the city's many public water fountains, your dog friends either can't reach the spigot or don't have the opposable thumbs that would let them work the thing. Luckily, New York City is here to give your good doggo a free reusable water dish that's easy to take with you on walks.

The Department of Environmental Protection announced this afternoon that they would be handing out 2,000 collapsible, reusable water bowls for dogs this summer. The giveaway is both a intended to promote the city's tap water (which is really quite good) and an effort to keep the city's dogs hydrated.

The giveaway started in front of Queens Borough Hall this afternoon, but don't worry if you couldn't make it there. Additional giveaway days, including Summer Streets, are on the DEP's Water On The Go calendar.

Just keep in mind that both dogs and their owners will have to be together in order to get the drinking bowls, so if any dogs out there can read and were thinking of taking a trot down to Queens Borough Hall today, grab a passing human along the way so you don't show up alone.

And remember, a human water fountain is not a dog bidet.