Seems a lot of folks are looking to runaway with the circus, or at least make the current financial climate less harsh with a new job at Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. The NY Times reports back from the job fair held yesterday for the 150 positions open for their new set-up on Coney Island. Over 500 applicants turned up (alongside some animal rights activists) even though the job would only be temporary, lasting around 3 months. The circus wasn't looking for carnival barkers or occupants for the clown car, rather "ticket takers, ushers and custodians" who will work for minimum wage. Lynn B. Kelly, president of the Coney Island Development Corporation said of the turnout, “It may be a function of the market. Or it may be that, how often in life do you get a chance to say you’ve worked at the circus?” We're guessing it's the former. One 16-year-old local told the paper, “A lot of jobs don’t hire teens. But I’m not like everybody else. I’m mature, plus I have a child. I need a job.”