Reading about how Wall Street bankers will be breaking the bank with their bonuses was simultaneously depressing (the last time Gothamist got excited about the word "bonus," it was the "bonus season" of Sex and the City) and enlightening about how the rich spend their riches. We thank the NY Times for this quote though:

"Certainly the Wall Street crowd is very special to us," said Lonnie Hanover, a representative for Scores, a high-end strip club in Manhattan. "December is an amazing month for our business, but it's everything, it's Christmas bonuses, Christmas spirit. They have their official parties and then the unofficial party here."

Ah, the Christmas spirit at Scores - Tiny Tim would be proud of one and all! And Gothamist is sure that the Wall Streeters will be using the credit cards the wives don't know about and trying not to get too crazy in the champagne room.