Capri Anderson has been making the press rounds portraying herself as the hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold that's been done wrong by the womanizing actor Charlie Sheen, and now what started in a suite at the Plaza a month ago is ending in a few lawsuits. Yesterday news broke that Anderson planned to sue Sheen, and was talking to the NYPD about pressing charges—but Sheen's lawyer said she has "no credibility. This woman never made any of these complaints when she was in front of the NYPD or the Plaza security." He also called her claims a "pack of lies."

Sheen has now filed a lawsuit against Anderson, according to TMZ he claims she tried to extort $1MM from him and threatened "to embarrass him and attempt to damage his career by going to the media with her false tale." The suit also accuses her of stealing his $165K watch (which originally set Sheen off in the hotel room that night).

The NYPD is now investigating Anderson's claims and plans to interview Sheen, according to WCBS. Meanwhile, TMZ has gotten a hold of those texts where Sheen offers Anderson $20,000 after the incident—one says, "All I need is an Acct number etc and I will wire u 20k if u think that will cover everything ... I really feel bad, u are as cool and sexy and as sweet and fun and friendly as they get!" Which sounds like he could be paying her for her silence, except the text he was responding to said: "u trashed my brand new prada purse dude not cool—how u managed to rip the strap off and put 2 holes in it is beyond me."

Either way, the transaction never went through, and now we're likely to see the rest of this battle play out in the courtroom. And following that: a Lifetime movie?