Those free water stations are rotating throughout the boroughs—but is the Bronx being left to dehydrate? With ten stations on the move, the borough is only getting one, and only for four days this month. The Daily News reports that in comparison Manhattan will have several stations set up for 24 days this month.

City Councilman Oliver Koppell told the paper, "Unfortunately our city government focuses more on Manhattan than on the outer boroughs."

The Water on the Go project was created to encourage people to drink water over sugar-loaded beverages, and as one Columbia professor noted, "The possibility of being overweight in New York City is 86% higher in the Bronx than in Manhattan" (sugary beverages can also lead to dehydration).

The Department of Environmental Protection says locations were selected for the amount of foot traffic they get, and from the looks of the schedule, the Bronx isn't the only borough being left thirsty.