2007_01_camillacharles.jpgIf you see the couple at right - you know, an older British couple, possibly overdressed by wearing sashes and tiaras, and surrounded by security and a press corps - walking around New York City, your eyes aren't deceiving you. Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, are visiting America. Today they are in Philadelphia, but will take a private train to New York and visit the Harlem Children's Zone to see the Promise Academy and other programs. Harlem Children's Zone founder Geoffrey Canada said, "We're looking forward to talking with them about the rebirth of Harlem and our role in that, as well as discussing our agency's plans for the future."

Prince Chuck cannot catch a break. An avid environmentalist (who likes to hunt), he is receiving Harvard's Center for Health and the Global Environment's "Global Environmentalist Citizen Award" tomorrow night from last year's recipient Al Gore. Prince Charles took a British Airways flight and said he will not take private jets because of the harm to the environment. Of course, environmental groups said he shouldn't have come to America at all and should have made his visit via Internet webcam. Then again, a sponsor of the center is BP, so what can you do?

This is the second visit to NYC for Prince Charles and Camilla; their last was in 2005.

Photograph of the royal couple by Matt Dunham/AP