The MTA says there's gold, or at least green, in those used Metrocards: Millions of dollars on expired Metrocards with values of less than a full fare have been tossed because owners haven't realized they can transfer the balance to a new card. The MTA's financial reports list money from "forfeited fares," which was over $20 million last year. Newsday called the MTA's policy where you can mail in your expired Metrocard to the MTA to be transferred to a new one "little-known," perhaps in hopes to rile people up, but the Straphangers' Gene Russianoff suspects forfeited fares mostly generated by tourists. He adds, "I have a typical New York attitude toward tourists: They're on the their own. The more they help the system out the better, and I don't stay up late at night worrying about them." Seriously: Gothamist was slightly confused by this story, because the first time we read it, we thought people didn't realize they could add money to non-expired cards, which made us think other people out there were idiots. The only New Yorkers we could imagine forfeiting fares on expired cards are the people who let "emergency" cards in their wallets go unused for a while.