Last night's decisive Game 6 victory over the Angels gave way to celebration, and then anticipation for the World Series meeting with the Philadelphia Phillies. And the question on everyone's minds: will The Boss, George Steinbrenner, be in town for Game 1? (And should the eggplant calzones be fired up?) According to his son, and managing general partner (aka, The Baby Boss?), Hal Steinbrenner, it's a resounding YES!

"I can tell you he'll be excited to be here Wednesday night," he told reporters after last nights game. "That's for sure. It means a lot to him. It's been a lot of years. A lot of years." It's been six years, actually, since the Yankees have been to the big show, but nearly a decade since they last won. The elder Steinbrenner, 79, hasn't attended a Yankees game in person since opening day in April, and has been said to be in declining health.

Meanwhile, the NY Times compared the younger Boss, who will be in the spotlight during his first World Series appearance with the team, favorably to his father, although they make it sound pretty easy: Hal invoked a Yankees-as-a-family metaphor ("they've got hearts of lions"), and the Times gushed about how he "spent a few minutes sounding like his famous dad." In that case, let's hope he doesn't decide to cook any jerseys.