New Jersey rocker Bruce Springsteen rejected an offer to perform at the inauguration of his state's Governor-Elect Chris Christie — possibly because Christie is a Republican.

Even though Christie has attended 122 Springsteen concerts and went as far as ditching a campaign fundraiser to go to one of the Boss' shows, the Democratic crooner declined to perform at the inaugural, the Times reports. Christie then offered Springsteen an opportunity to play at a benefit concert days before the Jan. 19, giving the rocker a chance to perform for his biggest fan without appearing at a Republican political event. But the Boss — who has performed for Democrats Barack Obama and John Kerry — again said no.

According to the Governor-elect's brother, Todd, who was responsible for organizing the music acts at the inaugural, Springsteen didn't decline because of Christie's party affiliation, but because "he doesn't want to get involved in state politics." Instead, Todd hired the B Street Band, a Springsteen cover band.