The Borgata

, the luxurious, relatively new Atlantic City resort that is the fading gambling city's hope that it can compete with Las Vegas, will be firing waitresses if they gain weight. The NY Posts that the "Borgata babes," aka "costumed beverage servers" so they can be considered part of the hotel's "marketing campaign," will be weighed in on Monday, and if they are over 7% of their starting weight, they'll be canned. This new rule actually applies to the female waitresses as well as the male and female bartenders. And, hey, Borgata, what about the weight they'll gain if they get implants?

Gothamist laughed at the spacing in a quote from Borgata management in the Post's online edition; this is totally their spacing: "Our customers like being served by an attractive cock tail server." On that note, check out Red Peters, the musician who has a song, "How's Your Whole Family?" (lyrics). It's bathroom humor, so you're warned.