2008_04_trainpot.jpgUsually blog Guest of a Guest entertains us with a look at night life and social news. But today, there's an account of how crappy it is to be a subway rider. And how crappy it is to be the subway rider who sees someone pee on the platform and poop on the train.

The West 4th Street station was where an old man was seen peeing into a cup (he later "flung the contents onto the tracks making a HUGE splash."). Then he boarded a train where he pooped on a newspaper.

Now, the stench of pee is something straphangers are familiar with, both on the platform and in trains. And sometimes one will see a poop in a station. But to witness it? Shudder. Would the MTA fine you if you decided to board a different cars if you saw this happening, even though rules prohibit passengers from "walking between subway cars"?

When an intrepid group of subway lovers broke the subway riding record in 2006, they made sure to use four restrooms in the subway system.